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Raise your glass and conjure up a toast to Lewis Redmond, the most reputable outlaw of 18th century America. His exploits as a moonshining Robin Hood gained him widespread notoriety, establishing him as a folk hero in the Dark Corner region. Despite his status as an outlaw, he was granted a pardon by President Arthur under one condition; that he setup shop and brew his famous “hand-mash whiskey” for the state of South Carolina.


Each batch of Carolina Bourbon is hand-mashed and twice distilled to pay homage to Lewis Redmond’s acclaimed whiskey. This bourbon boasts a high percentage of sweet corn balanced by red wheat, not rye. Rich aromas of molasses and peanut accent the subtle notes of vanilla and toasted spice on the palate. Bottled at a generous 86 proof, the bourbon is perfectly suited to be served neat, or on the rocks.